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NCW Prestige Cleaning: Window Cleaning

Let’s face it, in Washington; we need all the help we can get maximizing our limited sunshine. If you have dirty, dingy windows, your home or office is always going to have a layer of gloom, haziness, and darkness. "Count on the professional window cleaning team at NCW Prestige Cleaning Services to let the natural light shine.

NCW Prestige Cleaning Services helps residential and commercial customers keep their spaces immaculate. We are based in Quincy, WA but serve the surrounding areas, including: Wenatchee, Ephrata, Moses Lake, and Ellensburg.


The Importance of Window Cleaning

It’s no secret that glass can get dirty fast. But did you know since glass is porous that accumulated dirt will eventually start to break down the surface? The biggest culprits are residue from pets and bugs, hard minerals, and construction debris. If you leave your windows dirty for prolonged periods of time, they will become more fragile due to oxidation and may even accumulate permanent stains. You can stop those issues in their tracks and extend the life of your windows with regular professional window cleaning.

Not only can dirty windows lead to permanent damage, but they can also lessen the efficiency of your heating system. When the material breaks down, the window becomes more likely to release heat which will raise your energy bill and defeat the main purpose of why the window is there in the first place!

Don’t allow dirty windows to compromise the comfort and efficiency of your home or office.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

The professional window cleaning team at NCW Prestige treats homes with care while we eliminate the hassle of trying to figure out how to reach and properly clean your windows. We use eco-friendly window cleaning products including traditional methods of soap and squeegee to modern, innovative, green methods.

We can reach those hard to get to places that can be challenging and even dangerous for you to attempt to clean on your own. Our advanced cleaning equipment eliminates stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from all kinds of glass. Some of the structures we clean include:

Our Team Will Treat Your Home As If It’s Our Own.

We use precautionary measures to keep your home and family members safe and healthy, from booties to drop cloths, to protect surfaces from stains and scuffs.

Our mission at NCW Prestige is to wash our customers’ windows with the highest quality and utmost care.

Don’t worry about streaks, harsh chemicals, hard-to-reach places, or anything when you count on the experts at NCW Prestige to clean your windows. There’s no window too big or too hard to reach for our team of skilled professionals.

Our five-star service includes:

  • Detailed cleaning of all windows— inside and out. When needed our team will wear shoe covers inside your home or office.
  • All necessary objects moved and replaced afterward
  • We set our window cleaning buckets on tarps and never directly on your floor or belongings
  • Wiping off all window frames and exposed sills
  • We wash screens as needed to do a complete window cleaning service.
  • Service with a smile

Pure Water Cleaning

To clean glass surfaces and facades, we use a state-of-the-art, advanced tool known as a pure water cleaning system. All minerals are removed from the water with the help of a filter in a pure water cleaning system. This ensures that no limescale residue can stay on the surface of the glass. Pure water cleaning is the most effective professional cleaning method. Since the minerals are removed from the water, it gains an outstanding cleaning power that works to absorb dirt from the surface and provide streak-free results without any harsh chemicals or additives.

pure water cleaning


NCW Prestige Cleaning Services helps homeowners and business owners in Wenatchee itself and also in Chelan, Douglas, and Grant Counties. We’re a family-owned business with ties to the local community that make us uniquely understanding of your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

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