Reliable and Trustworthy Cleaning Services

With its years of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry, NCW Prestige Cleaning Services makes all of this possible with industry-leading residential and commercial cleaning services in the Wenatchee area.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

The exciting thing about a renovation or addition is the new space you’re going to be able to use and enjoy. The post-construction dust and debris isn’t so exciting. After all that work, you might not feel like tackling the cleanup, NCW Prestige Cleaning can take care of the cleanup, hassle-free and with ease.


Window Cleaning

Clean windows don’t just look better and provide nicer views in and out; they also last longer since you’re routinely removing agents that can corrode and weaken the glass. Another benefit is increased energy efficiency. Dirty windows lead to weak windows and weak windows lead to drafts. In the winter, cold air seeps in while warm air leaks out and the reverse happens in the summer. We’ll get your home or office windows clean so that they look and function better.


Residential Cleaning

The cleaning you do normally is enough most of the time, but sometimes you need more. Maybe you’re hosting a party, a graduation celebration, a wedding reception, or something else you don’t normally do "and want the house looking spotless. We will clean and polish your home to the point that you might wonder if you’ve just walked into it for the first time!

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Offices and other commercial spaces must stay clean for health and professional reasons. One of the surest ways to turn customers off is to allow a dirty workplace. Keeping the office clean also signals professionalism. Our office cleaning services cover everything: tables and desks, kitchens and sinks, restrooms, trash and recycling, doors, flooring, and more. We service all kinds of commercial properties. We take security protocols seriously and maintain a level of trust with our customers to secure their buildings when we are done cleaning.

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Deep Cleaning

When you’re putting a home on the market, moving out, or moving in, you probably need a thorough cleaning for the home. Our move-in/move-out services include a deep cleaning that covers features like appliances and cabinets as well.


Vacation Rental Cleaning

It can be tough to keep up with the cleaning needs of a rental property, especially during the busiest times of the year. Sometimes only a few hours exist between the time one guest checks out and another checks in. NCW Prestige Cleaning can take that burden off of you. We’ll not only make the property clean fast; we’ll also see to details like changing and replacing linens and towels, restocking toilet paper, emptying the fridge and freezer of things you don’t want left behind. We work with clients to service their Airbnb and Vrbo rentals in a timely fashion to allow for smooth transitions between guests

Healthier And More Productive Workforce

Whether it’s your home or your business, you need regular, cut-no-corners cleaning. At home, you naturally want things clean and safe for appearance’s sake and for the health of you and your loved ones. When it’s your business involved, a clean location makes a good impression on customers and employees, and preventing the easy transmission of germs means a healthier workforce that’s more productive and has better morale.


NCW Prestige Cleaning Services helps homeowners and business owners in Wenatchee itself and also in Chelan, Douglas, and Grant Counties. We’re a family-owned business with ties to the local community that make us uniquely understanding of your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

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